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Eset Deployment to Mac OS

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Hello Team, I have created tasks from the ESET Web console to upgrade ESET Endpoint Security to Over 800 Mac OS devices and not even one has received this Update.

I thought i should give it time but its over two weeks now and still the same. Yet this Mac OS devices are reporting to the ESET Server yet when I push Updates they never receive it. Kindly share with me how to resolve this as I cannot single handedly  visit over 800 mac OS devices manually anytime there is an Update. Thank You.

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Are the clients actually connecting to the ESET PROTECT server? Ie. is the time of the last connection updating?

Did you send a software install task to the clients to upgrade Endpoint to the latest version? What is the status of the task?

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3 hours ago, Mavis Giwah said:

As  at now, I have about 200  devices connecting and the task created was a software Install task and status is failed, it is in yellow.

In that case task was probably executed, and it failed. If so, please try to open history of execution of such task on specific devices, and possibly check it for indication of failure.
Most common issues in this case are network related problems (HTTP proxy) but also outdated/no-longer-available package version in task configuration.
Also please double check correct product was selected for upgrade, and especially whether selected product is actually supported on operating system version you are using.

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