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ESET ISC move from old broken PC to new computer


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Hello friends,

sorry for my bad english, i am from bavaria/germany.

I want to move from my old computer to a new one with my license from CIS, which runs until September.

I read that you have to uninstall CIS on the old one first and then reinstall it on the new one. But my problem is that I don't have access to my old computer anymore.

Thank you for your help

Greetings from Munich

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You can deactivate ESET on the former machine via the License manager at my.eset.com. This will free up the seat and enable you to activate ESET on the new machine.

By the way, did you mean ESET Internet Security by CIS ?

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Or, simply enter my.eset.com URL in any browser which will display the below web page. From there you can either enter your existing logon credentials or create a my.eset.com account:


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