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Create all-in-one installer without select "configuration policy"

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We have several groups with different policy configuration, for each department, PC/Laptop, Server, etc.

Now we are going to upgrade the "Endpoint Security" and "File Security for MS Win server" to latest version.

Because many of the PC/server the last connection date was few month ago, even it is connected to network all the time.

so we plan to create an installer for upgrading. 

Question, if we create an all-in-one installer file, but without choose "configuration policy", after install on the client PC/Server, does the policy will keep the same as before upgrade, or will change to new default policy?

because it is not applicable for us to create installer for each policy group.

please advise.


Screenshot for your ref.


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  • ESET Staff

Hello, in this case, the original configuration will be retained, meaning installer will just replace the installers but the settings will be kept. In this case, also license is not mandatory. 

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