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Management of native encryption for Windows?

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Since Full Disk encryption for Mac utilizes the built-in encryption provider FileVault, I was wondering if there is similar option for Windows.

If we have a number of systems already managed by BitLocker, is there a way to take over the management using Full Disk Encryption, instead of decrypting all devices and then encrypting them with FDE? 

I am posting here because I was not able to find information about such option online.

Thank you in advance!

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Hello @Kostadin_k,

EFDE for mac utilizes FileVault because there is no other way to FDE macOS. Apple prevents its system to use FDE from 3rd party vendors.

EFDE for win is a different story. Microsoft allows for vendor´s proprietary encryption and we have this covered.

So we are pretty much covered on both macOS and Windows. But yes, adding Bitlocker management to ESET Protect (Cloud) is an option, but even if we go this direction in the future, it will not work as seamlessly as you described. Taking over management of an already encrypted machine is more than complicated because of recovery password that belongs to a particular encrypted system. Migration of these recovery passwords from Active Directory (where Bitlocker stores them)  to our console followed by a seamless "takeover" of the machines by the console is very complicated (if even possible).

At this moment, adding management of Bitlocker to our EFDE/EP(C) solution is not on our roadmap.

Ervin Rendek

PM for Encryption solutions

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