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Is ESET File Security for Windows Server scanning archives in real-time?

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according to this thread:


real-time protection on the client doesn't scan archives. Quote:

"Real-time protection has never scanned archives internally. Malicious files in archives are detected upon extraction."

But I am asking about the server product here, ESET File Security for Windows:


Is it scanning archive files in real time? Given that it's running on a file server, real-time scanning of zip files makes a lot of sense there!  You don't want to host infected zip files on your file server, and a scheduled scan doesn't quite cut it, because other users could download that file before it was scanned by a scheduled scan (which runs every few hours at best).

You have a new customer if the answer is yes.

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Scanning archives by real-time protection doesn't make sense regardless of the AV, it would render the machine unusable. Just imagine that archives would be locked for several minutes or hours during the scan on each access.

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