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Migrate from ERA 6.5 to EPC

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Hello guys,

We've a customer that have about 1000 seats and they're using ERA 6.5 because it's installed on Server 2003 and there's no possibility to upgrade such Windows and so the console.

As they don't have server they're evaluating to migrate to EPC. Is there any way to migrate at least connections from ERA 6.5 to EPC?

Thank you. 

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This will be a tricky. They should upgrade the server to ESMC 7.x, and also the agents to at least 7.x in order to allow the agents to connect to the cloud. ERA 6.x agent can´t communicate with ESET PROTECT Cloud, due to different replication protocol.  However, agent V7 can´t communicate with V6.5 ERA

So in this case, unless the server / agents are updated, the only idea would be agent redeployment, from the ESET PROTECT Cloud instance. 

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Posted (edited)

Hi MichalJ,

Thank you. We're planing to use GPO. Will it work? The idea is to send a GPO to upgrade ERA 6.5 agent to EPC agent 8.


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