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Can not access remote samba share

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I have the following problem I cannot fix. I have a small Volumio-based computer as an audio server, which has a samba share setup. I can access this samba share without problems from Ubuntu-based computers.

My Windows 10 Home computer however, can only see and access this share only if I disable the Eset Internet Security Firewall.  So it is obvious the  firewall is blocking access to the remote share.

I have tried the following things without success:

1. delete all rules in the firewall, for a fresh start

2.  deleted the known network and configured it as a trusted network when asked by Eset IS

3. added the ip addres of the remore system to the Trusted zone

4. added and to the trusted zone

5. disabled services "allow file and printer sharing in the trusted zone" and "windows homegroup support", and enabled them again

Not one of these has helped. What am I missing here?


Note: that particular Volumio server does show up in the Windows Explorer as a media device, and I can access its web server without any problem through its IP address.

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Verify that connections are not being blocked using Eset's Network Troubleshooting Wizard: https://support.eset.com/en/kb6526-add-a-firewall-exception-using-the-troubleshooting-wizard-in-eset-windows-home-products .

Note: Eset blocked network connections "age off of" the Troubleshooting Wizard after one hour. In other words, the wizard will show no blocked network activity that is older than one hour. Also by default, the wizard will only show blocked connection detail in the last 15 mins.. You might have to change that setting temporarily to 1 hour to view all blocked activity in that interval.

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