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Parental Control: App-Integrated Browsing is not blocked

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Hey there,

I use "ESET Parental Control for Android" and want to restrict access to Youtube and Facebook.

I blocked the corresponding apps and deactivated the categories for the web access.

This works perfect - no access to Youtube from Chrome, Firefox; the Youtube app ist also blocked.


Unfortunately my son found a way to watch Youtube using system integrated browsers (perhaps webview?).

He launches common Apps like "Microsoft Lens" and then
--> Configuration --> Help and Support
Entering "Youtube" in the search, and by clicking refering links, he can watch Youtube - unrestricted.


Can you please advise how to prevent this?


Thank you for a swift response and best regards,




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Although it doesn't specifically mention wildcard support in Parental Control URL exceptions, Eset accepted the following URL specifications:



Create these as a Block exceptions and then test. If this doesn't work in Parental Control, you will have to add the above as entries in Internet Protection -> Web access protection -> URL Address Management -> Address list -> Edit -> List of blocked addresses.

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I'd recommend opening a support ticket via the built-in form.

1, Unlike Windows, Android doesn't provide any means to perform protocol filtering . Website blocking works in supported browsers provided that the Accessibility feature is enabled for EPC.

2, Web guard exceptions do not accept wildcards.

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