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Why is Agent Live Installer batch file not an agent installer option?

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With our on premise PROTECT server we can choose to download a .bat file Agent Live Installer. We are an MSP and we use this with our RMM to deploy the ESET agent to our customer's PCs without having to manually run the installer on each one.

With PROTECT Cloud, it appears that the only deployment options are an .exe executable installer or a .msi with a GPO and/or SCCM. This creates a great burden when deploying a new MSP client.

Additionally, in the help documentation the link for the silent installation instructions is broken, so I can't craft my own script using this .exe.

Are there any other scriptable options available for agent installation? This feels like a big step backwards.

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  • ESET Staff

Hello, thank you for your feedback. I will follow up with our product management / engineering team. I do agree, that such scriptable option should be available for a large scale/silent deployment, especially in MSP environment. Will let you know, why I hear back from them. 


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  • ESET Staff

Hi @David Fletcher

We are looking into it. Such a scenario is not described in the documentation yet, however there is a workaround you may try:

  1. Download the GPO SCCM ini file from the PROTECT Cloud.
  2. Download the .msi installer for Agent
  3. Look at Agent installation guide - in that way you can combine the information from the ini. file to create the installation command.
  4. Run the installation remotely

I hope that helps.

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