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ESET Patch Management - Planned?


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We're a distributor here in Spain that work with ESET solutions for our clients and every day is increasing people who's asking for Patch Management included in ESET Management. Some of them have just look around Internet and are evaluating RMM solutions and don't want to have another console and want it integrated with ESET and some others have been called by other vendors like Panda who have it integrated on console.

By Patch Mangement I mean at least that functions:

  • Cumulative Windows Updates
  • Windows Feature updates ( Example: 1909 --> 2004)
  • 3rd Party Software Updates ( Java, Adobe DC, Winrar, Office, ..... )

I know actualy ESET can detect and push Windows Updates but that's not enough, we need more visibility on that.

Any updates if that feature is on the RoadMap? ETA?



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