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Problems with ESET Protect - Trying to download Program Updates

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Hello there,

my name is Hendrik and i have problems with ESET Software. I will try to explain in English, but please know, I'm not a native speaker :-)


First, my network:

I am an administrator of a small business network. We have few server and client PCs. They are zoned by a firewall cluster.

The servers running with Windows Server 2012 R2 with updates from January 2021.

Our Eset Software Versions are:

1. ESET Protect Server (Version 8.0.1258.0)

2. ESET Protect Web-Console (Version

3. Eset File Security on the AV Server (Version 7.3.12002.0

4. ESET File Security on the other Servers (Version

5. ESET Endpoint AntiVirus on the clients (Version 7.3.2044.0)

6. Apache HTTP Proxy Version 2.4.46


The AV Server (see Point 3) is a client Server from our service provider. We have a support contract with the service provider. From the AV Server of our service provider we are getting updates for ESET, over a VPN tunnel.


Our service provider told us, that we need the Apache HTTP Proxy, to get updates for the eset programs (not pattern updates meant)

They installed the HTTP Proxy, setting up our firewall and so on. We have a connection between our server and the "master" server from our service provider.

So now the problem:

For a few days we aren't able to download any installation program over the ERA Console. After support from our provider, we are now able to download the installation program for ESET File Security V7.3.12002.0

But we can't download ESET Endpoint V8.0.2028.0. If we try to download the 64Bit Installer, we get a message after 47% downloading "Failure while loading the data: internal server error":



For our service provider is that a mystery and for me to.

Of the one hand, we can download the file security installation program and on the other, we arent able to download the endpoint software.



What have we done?

- We checked the Firewall - Connection is available

- a few restarts

- Logs checked and found this:

Trace.log - locatet at:



Error Log from Apache HTTP Proxy:

Locatet at:





Can anyone imaging where the problem is?

I hope anyone can help me.

If u need more information, will try my best.


Best regards








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Please try updating from ESET's servers through the proxy. Avoid using VPN or chained proxies, at least for a test. Should the problem persist, open a support ticket with your local ESET distributor; a Wireshark pcap log from a failing download as well as logs collected with ESET Log Collector will be needed for further analysis.

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Hello Marcos, thank you for your reply.

The problem is, that this network isn't connected to the internet. Only a VPN tunnel is used for updates.

Did you have any other idea?


Best regards,



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