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Duplicate IP & Arp cache poisioning


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Hello all...

I am receiving warnings of Arp cache poisoning and duplicate ip address in the detection tab on protect cloud portal.

But i am not sure what to do here? some users are complaining of pop ups every couple minutes indicating arp cache poisoning, to the point working becomes very irritating.


Here is a quick screen shot of whats going on...

I am not sure what they actually mean... I do not know how duplicate ip address are possible when using dhcp.

Everyone works remotely so openvpn is being used to connect to the office lan...

Any help appreciated...

Thanks and have a great day!

Rob Morin
Montreal, Canada


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Since no one has answered this, I'll take a shot at it.

Notice the log entries for spare-7 device. The first entry shows APIPA: https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/what-is-apipa-automatic-private-ip-addressing/ , network IP address assignment. When there is an issue with auto DHCP device address assignment by the router/gateway, Windows will fallback to APIPA IP address range assignment. I do know at least for Eset client products, it doesn't handle APIPA address assignment well and the result is usually a duplicate IP address  warning/block.

On the other hand, spare-7 is showing in the APIPA reference log entry, an IP address of So I am not sure what is going on here. What's the heading for the last column in your screen shot? Don't know for sure what that is trying to display.

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