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can I ask where to locate these windows "updates"


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Would you prefer ESET to block you from logging on? As advised previously, turn off debug logging of blocked operations in the advanced HIPS setup.

I suggest you submit a support request if you really think you are infected.

Open the ESET GUI, click Help and support -> Submit support request.



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these record happened when I was already logged on and during that time I was on a google meet session

also, I don't access my PC through PIN, I use Microsoft pass

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3 hours ago, migs_k said:

do you how to disable safe boot without logging into windows and without a windows 10 physical disc?

I assume you mean secure boot? Here's how to disable that: https://www.thewindowsclub.com/disable-secure-boot-in-windows .

Note the following:


Warning if you are disabling Secure Boot

After disabling Secure Boot and installing other software and hardware, it may be difficult to re-activate Secure Boot without restoring your PC to the factory state.


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4 hours ago, migs_k said:

also to me this is an unresolved issue

Appears you have enabled "Log all blocked operations" in HIPS advanced setup section. That option should not be enabled because of possible misinterpretation of log entries as is occurring here.

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