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ESET endpoint antivirus to ESET Endpoint security


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Good morning,

                            this is my first message in this forum.

I have a question, maybe it's a simple problem.

Is it possible to upgrade licenses for ESET Endpoint Antivirus to ESET Endpoint security?

Do we need to reinstall from zero the software?

Long story short. The IT firm that provides us hardware assistance and with the ESET Endpoint antivirus changed recently owner and (maybe is this the reason) the price for the renewal more than doubled from last year.

Direct purchase for ESET website, or authorized resellers is a lot cheaper.

The licence expire tomorrow, the renewal proposal was sent us...today

We have a server and 14 workstations, the product works perfectly so we would prefer to stick with ESET products.

I have no idea how it was managed, we received annualy the invoice for the renewal and the licences was renewed for another year.

As additional information, it seems that there was no need for particolar configuration on the server or workstation, in the last five years there were no issues, the software only made it's work and remove sometimes a potential threat.

Thank you in advance for you answer.


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  • ESET Staff

Hello, license can be upgraded from EEA to EES, however in order to use ESET Endpoint Security, you will have to install the corresponding software package (upgrade the software). Upgrade should be possible, however you will have to reboot your computers, once the software has been upgraded to EES / newer version. Latest installer can be found here: https://www.eset.com/it/aziende/endpoint-security/endpoint-security-windows/download/

With regards to the license upgrade, there are two options for you: 

1, Use ESET Endpoint Protection Advanced (that convers both Desktops / Servers) - and will allow you to install Endpoint Security

2, Use ESET PROTECT Entry (in Italy still available under the original name ESET Endpoint Protection Advanced Cloud, that will also allow you to use also our cloud management console, if you would prefer it that way (however, this option is a bit more expensive, especially if you have been paying renewal prices). 

Both offers are here: https://www.eset.com/it/aziende/it-security-piccoli-imprenditori-startup/bundles/ 

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