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Repeated rogue emails - how to remove?

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Guest Barbara

Over the last week I have been receiving an increasing number of emails from 2/3 anti virus providers eg. Norton, Symantec etc. every day. There is often no content to the email but sometimes they tell me that my license has expired and offer a quick renewal. Clearly I have subscribed to ESET and have not subscribed to any of these other companies. 

How can I stop these messages coming? I am surprised they do go directly into Spam.

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  • ESET Moderators


These sound like spam—they are likely not from the companies whom you mentioned, but scammers trying to get your credit card/banking details.  I would suggest just flagging them as spam.  Unfortunately, there is not much else one can do, as replying or attempting to unsubscribe just tells them they have found a valid email address, and they will send even more spam as a result.




Aryeh Goretsky


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