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Found unknown local user account after ESET installation

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Guest Wojtek



After some modifications in ESET Firewall rules and local policy settings after I restarted PC I found another local user account 'SelowxKruryo'.

It had no password, but when I tried to sign in I got error message that my sign in method isn't compatybile with that account (or something similar, anyway I couldnt log in despite having no password )

There was no trace of this account in my registry or in Users folder.

I knew that there was something suspicious going on my PC, but neither Avast nor Kaspersky could find reason. When I full scanned with ESET there were also no suspicious activity detected but I guess that discovering unknown and untraceable account might be a bit of security issue.

Also when I check packets received from my network adapter last time it was 91'000'000. All those packets were received within last 40 hours. This might have no connection but at this moment I'm so paranoid I find everything suspicious :D I also noticed multiple connections to - does that may cause security issue?

Is there any way I can prevent or restrict remote access to my PC in advanced manner? All this time I had RDP connections blocked in my firewall and in System settings and yet someone, somehow, managed to create new account without my consent.


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