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Automatic Startup File Check on RDS Server

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We currently have an overused RDS server which we're working with the client split into 2 servers/increase CPU/MEM but becoming difficult. The server resources are struggling and we've found everytime a user disconnects and reconnects, the automatic schedule task within ESET File Security runs for startup file check - https://help.eset.com/efsw/7.1/en-US/idh_startup_app.html

This appears to spike the CPU and Memory temprarily high causing performance issues.

We're going to disbale these 2 tasks until the client increases resources with an new server but is there any additional security risks caused by this? 

My thought is anything running at startup or user logon should be caught by Real Time protection so maybe duplication and something we can avoid for performance reasons.


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Startup scan tasks are an important protection layer. Unlike real-time protection, they also scan operating memory and other file-less malware locations, such as the registry autorun keys or the WMI repository.

First of all, please upgrade EFSW to the latest version 7.3 and let us know if makes a difference.

If not, enable advanced oper. system logging in the advanced setup -> tools -> diagnostics, reproduce the issue, then disable logging. Do not leave logging enabled for more than 5 minutes so that the generated log is not too big to process. The log will grow quickly; it can reach 1 GB in less than 5 minutes.

When done, collect logs with ESET Log Collector, upload the generated archive to a safe location and drop me a personal message with a download link.

Also let us know if disabling the startup scan after user logon makes a difference.

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