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Eset smart security Firewall 7 not working correctly

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Im typing this message suggesting ideas on your eset smart security firewall since there are many issues concerning your firewall


Your firewall is easy and I love it but at the same time I dislike it.


I found that I make the same firewall rules and the firewall gets confused FOR EXAMPLE I can create a rule that allows Internet explorer traffic and create another which blocks internet explorer traffic. Both of the traffics are Inbound and Outbound. This makes the firewall confused and this issue has to be fixed by creating a new Zone and Rule Editor which only allows one type of rule to be created.


Secondly I can repeat system rules by creating a same rule creating a rule of my own For Example I can Create Another DHCP rule but this one block the traffic of the DHCP but there is already a system rule of DHCP. If you can, please create a Zone and Rule Editor which checks and make sure that rules wont repeat. That is why sometimes the firewall fails to read configuration. If a RULE is repeated it must notify the user.


Thirdly  Firewall must take precedence on traffic rules that is ports and ip rules and then follow the program rule For Example I can Block port 80 but at the same time Internet Explorer uses the port 80 and this makes me feel insecure. If you can, please make sure that it checks Traffic rules first So that when programs try to use the blocked port eset firewall must automatically block the program trying to use the Blocked Program


I love Your Product and I have been using it since way back


I hope you don’t put deaf ears on


thank you



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The firewall doesn't get confused. Rules are evaluated the way that less general rules take precedence over more general rules while blocking rules have higher priority than allowing rules if they don't differ in other parameters. In future versions, firewall rules will be evaluated in the order set by the user.

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so how does the firewall prioties repeated rules eg which one of the rule is followed a rule which blocks iexplorer or which allows iexplorer

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