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cant see words displayed with black background


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I'm a Linux user using eset av any of the options even when installing i can barely make out or cant read at all it makes it very unusable. The things I can see are ok the program works how I want it to but i cant see most options!!!!! can you please let there be a different color option for easier reading and user experience.

Quick example if I click on the quarantine section all the background is black and unreadable.

Also when I was installing I couldn't read the options!!!!

I am on trial as of now and will not purchase without a fix I love everything else and will buy  just need to see what im doing please take this into consideration for others also.

Thank You


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Unfortunately dark mode is not supported. In the light or standard mode the text is black on a white background.

ESET NOD32 Antivirus for Linux v4 is a legacy product and is not developed any more. In the future it will be replaced with a new version.

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