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Preventing Aging Mother from Root, CVE , PuP, known exploits

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Hi.. this might sound funny or unlikely but my mom, whom i live with presently and share network services with has been into rooting her Android devices since she learned on her Galaxy S3 (7+ years ).

because of that, the parent child thing, along with other deciding factors she's convinced" Systemless" Root is the way to go. I've got concerns about this and not sure how to proceed then fighting her and going to jail , which i REALLY don't wanna go to jail or lose my home or my only family.family

in addition to rooting, she's into kernel image flashing too but despite her belief in knowing, "all this because I've been working on computers since 1978 when People got the FIRST computers!!""she'd say. or tell me I'm losing my and honestly yeah i do think i might lose my head because proving such events are being actively exploited, even following verbatim a Proof of Point exactly, is not as easy as it would seem when hardware and skill set is new, and I'm learning. but one inescapable thing is certain.....

she is a windows HOME user, who likes to play with Dev Mode, debugging tools, flash memory and has no experience with so much as navigating a file path, let alone can she distinguish the importance of the scripts executions and the orders which they happen. windows has coddled her brain here and these inescapable services, network managers and unknown auditing administration level invocations i read in systems log show me a lot more than she has patience to learn.

such as, her inability to comprehend virtual machine and networking at a low level and how it pertains to high level code. knows nothing about kernel rings, cache memory and things her USER account is the real Admin account in w10, in her old dilapidated Intel x79/3930k that couldn't stop an executable file from punching through 8 reinstalls, each with different failures, cleared CMOS on the pc, but no matter what i/we do, am unable to separate the cross platform sync and teatherng and providers of services like DropBox, DNS blockers readily available in my browser , or all browsers in the house, wifi hotspots activating, bluetooth getting scanned constantly with no indication is happening other than reading from my Android Event Reporter cache and system logs or from my Chomebook using dmesg, netlog, adb logcat etc and reading these things that are supposed to be encrypted... they're not, not always, and the stuff is persistent, binding and mirroring from tunneled layers of networking I'm just beginning to KINDA understand... 2 years I'm reading through logs and source code and searching when things start acting extra awry and still lack the attention span to deter her stupidity because how she's got the network setup and me questioning her and her "source "s for info leads to extreme heated arguments. 

there must be other ppl like me dealing with this kinda thing , ppl who think they understand it all or that are unable to fathom how anyone could comprehend such a level of imperceivable programming and manipulation WITHOUT them themselves SEEING it happen, and even then, "bugs " glitches, and Errata behaviors make a amateur data logger not in the slightest much easier to have repeatable results in proving paths that change, sym link, pipe and teleport the fk all over the world , seemingly...

obviously the thing you'd recommend id imagine would be leave, move the hell on, but this my only family, and i want to protect her because she's a nieeve woman and easily manipulated by a Algorithm and trust built by these Shadey Tree companies and media outlets that only want to advertise , not inform, and certainly not inform correctly nor it be universal depending on region, time of day, whowhatwhenwhyhow,luck, etc .


i need advice... sorry for long message but this been a long time building to..






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