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blocked remote desktop connection via ssh port forward

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 I just bought the antivirus from neweggs and installed to my windows 7 home laptop, I had cygwin sshd running and I normally connect to my laptop via ssh with port forward to localhost 3389 for remote desktop connection from my office PC.


 But I can't do rdp via ssh anymore after installed the antivirus program, and I can't find anywhere to configure it.

 I can connect to the laptop by using direct remote desktop connection (by pass ssh).

 I can also connect to ssh by using putty without any issue.


 the anti virus program seems stopping the ssh port forward to localhost only, the port forward to other host still works fine.


 once I removed the ESET, I can do RDP to the laptop via ssh again.


Any help?






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Please confirm that you actually have ESET NOD32 Antivirus installed as only ESET Smart Security contains a firewall functionality capable of blocking RDP.

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