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Questions about my ESET Endpoint


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Good afternoon, everyone.

I am testing some functionalities of my ESET Endpoint Cloud, and I have some doubts that I would like to understand.

1) It's possible apply Device Control per User (Ex. In the same network many user can access to USB). How i can filter who users access to USB?

2) The option "Filtering Mode" what that means?

3) Really activate "Document Protection" may put slower the performance of my computer?

4) Which could be a good use of the "Shared Local Cache"?

5) Anybody has experiencie with the functionality "Advanced Heuristic / DNA Signature".


Thank's all to have the time to read my topic. Best Regards.

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1, In a DC rule you can define a list of users to which the rule will be applied:


2, It is not clear what you mean. Are you referring to the firewall, SSL filtering or protocol scanning?

3, In the past there was an issue with MS Outlook which had a bug causing performance issues with Document protection enabled. Currently enabling Document protection should not have any noticeable impact on performance. On the other hand, documents are also scanned by real-time protection so enabling DP is not necessary.

4, Shared Local Cache is a legacy product which is not needed any more. Endpoint itself contains whitelisting mechanisms to mitigate impact on system performance.

5, Advanced heuristics is an essential feature required to detect probably more than 95% of malware in exe and dll files. It provides the kernel with information necessary for matching scanned files with DNA/XDNA detections (behavior descriptors).

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Hi Marcos.-

Thank you very much by answers my question. Respect to Point 2 i refer about the HIPS - Filtering Mode. By other hand it's possible to block incoming mail from certainly ip range? (Ex. Some Botnet are sending to my Organization mail with malware, using a random of addresses).

Thank you Marcos by your collaboration. Best Regards

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