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Updates Intermittent and no tech support answers

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I am surprised as it seems i am alone with this problem.

I have a laptop that cannot update. Error message is "check your licence", problem being, the licence is good.

More than that, yesterday i managed to get two updates, one early afternoon (CET here) updating the engine and modules, another in the evening updating the signature list.

So i guess my licence is ok, if it works 2 times, it should work all the time. But it doesnt, since this morning, no update went through, and i keep getting notifications with errors.

I cannot give back this laptop to its owner in this shape. I hesitate removing ESET and put another product.

Another thing is i opened two tickets, and i didnt get any confirmation (checked spam folders, my own server, nothing in the logs mail server side), but i managed to open an account here (so my mail is not on blacklist)

I m not used to ESET, i wanted to abandon the other brand i trust for the last 20 years, the russian one, for ESET who looks, to me, more clean on the private data side (ESET doesnt seem to ask my permission every week to sell my personal data, Kasky does.)

But so far it s a very bad experience, and i keep wondering what can explain an intermittent behaviour.

The windows 10 system is fresh install, 20H2, latest drivers, no hardware firewall, standard DSL installation on my network, nothing fancy.

Also, i get a warning that i cannot connect to ESET Live Grid

public licence : 3AJ-6M6-EUE

user : EAV-0288203712

Eset Smart Security Premium

Thanks for any tips / help / ideas, even the most weird ones, i m all ears

have a nice sunday, stay safe & in good health



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Where did you purchase the license? It was issued in Germany to C. Ch. with the email address c....r.ch.......3@gmail.com and was canceled.

I assume that you didn't purchase it from an authorized distributor or reseller, could you confirm?

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good lord, i bought it to a volume reseller, took a few bundles. good for me it was covered by  paypal, i guess i ll manage to get my money back.

i cant believe it, with the health pandemic, scammers are all over the place.

Thanks for the information.


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Hello, sorry to double post, wanted to update about the situation.

Paypal refused to cover the purshase.

I m used for years to buy licences for other softwares to brokers and volume licence buyers.

It s the first time paypal refuses to cover a transaction that ended up badly.

I m quite puzzled when you say the buyer cancelled the purchase on your side (or if you cancelled the transaction which ends up the same in the end)

There s something wrong in this picture, i mean, the seller bought a licence, sold it back, let it run for 2 days then cancelled the transaction to get his money back and mine (and others) at the same time.

that wont happen to me twice i can tell you that, i purchase hundreds of licence per year.

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Not surprised with Paypal's decision here.

Most security software purchases these days from e-tailers are not refundable. This is absolutely the case if the software is used; i.e. installed. Bottom line - when buying a license from any source other than from Eset eStore or an authorized partner, you're on your own when an issue occurs.

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i agree. i used to buy from other security software brands that had authorized partners having a part of their activity on different platform, including ebay, so i got careless.

i didnt know Eset. when i saw the logo "eset authorized partner" i thought it was just like the other mass volume resellers, next time i ll know there are no such partners on those platforms.

i hope this thread will avoid others to lose money, scamming is a worldwide pandemic right now : /


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