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Microsoft Support Scam-does esets products remove the support.Client.exe file?

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Hello. I love Esets suite of products. I have a question about the Microsoft Support Scam calls. Does Esets products remove the support.Client.exe file that is placed on the victims computer? I think it resides in the boot sector.

My friend was a victim and may need to use this to remove.

Thank You!

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I have no clue what is the file support.client.exe. However, the scammers typically use standard system tools, commands or other legitimate applications to show you that your machine is allegedly infected. Benign tools are not subject to detection.

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I should note that sometimes they will use remote access software e.g. teamviewer and other similar products.

These products come under potentially unwanted programs as they can be misused but also have a genuine use. However if the option for detecting potentially unwanted programs is disabled it will not flag up. However if using secure browser while a remote access program is running it should show you a warning.

The problem however is the scammer will persuade you it is safe and to ignore any warnings 

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