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ESET Internet Security issue

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I bought ESET Internet Security on 07.12.2020 and since then I couldn't manage to make it work. I created support tickets but so far they didn't help.

My issue is, when I install ESET Internet Security, do full update afterwards, and then restart my computer, my computer freezes. After I input my Windows login credentials, all I can see is a blank screen. Nothing works, not even task manager. Only way to save my computer is to enter Windows Safe Mode and run ESET uninstaller tool manually. After that computer turns to normal.

Support team told me that Acronis Backup was the root cause, and Acronis told me they have no issues. I was using Acronis only as a backup tool, its active protection was completely disabled. To rule out Acronis, I uninstalled it completely but result was same. Support team also told me to uninstall previous security products via their uninstaller tools, not just from Apps & Features. I had Kaspersky and Bitdefender installed before (only one was running at once) and I ran their uninstaller tools. Result was same.

Here is a video of what happens.

ESET Internet Security issue

Other security apps have no issues, but ESET is problematic. Support is also one of the worst which I encountered so far. They keep asking me to provide logs and I am telling them I can't do that because ESET is freezing my computer. Also every reply takes at least a week.

I have Windows 10 20H2 (official build, not insider), i9 10900KF CPU, m2 and SSD as storage, 64GB RAM.

I bought my license from Amazon and I can't get refund for it sadly.

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Same issue here. Started a couple weeks ago on my son's laptop.

Even after a fresh install of Windows 10 20H2 the issue returns as soon as I install EIS.

Seems to happen when I login too quickly, as if there's some sort of race condition. If I let it sit at the login screen until it connects to Wi-Fi, I can usually load the desktop ok.

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Did you use default settings after installing ESET from scratch? If so, please carry on as follow:
- uninstall ESET (e.g. in safe mode using the ESET Uninstall tool)
- configure Windows to generate complete memory dumps as per https://support.eset.com/en/kb380
- install ESET and reproduce the issue
- trigger a manual crash so that a complete memory dump is generated
- uninstall ESET
- collect logs with ESET Log Collector
- compress the memory dump and upload it together with ELC logs to a safe location
- drop me a personal message with a download link.

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