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How Does One Lose 22Find?

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I haven't yet bought my own ESET protection, partly because as soon as I was ready, I found myself broke. I make $12.50 per hour and that isn't a living wage. And I'm lucky compared to many. As I said, 'partly'. The other reason is that I never got an answer to the question whether the ESET stand alone av prog takes 'preventive' measures, the way (I'm sure) the suite does. If I don't need the suite, I only want the av.


I visited my mother in Oshawa yesterday and discovered a wee problem on her desktop. (She's using windows xp, home) She has picked up 22Find and try as a might, I can't get it off her pc. I started to look into solutions online, but ran out of time. I had to get back to Toronto. Who knows whether 22Find is the cause of some of her problems? (She can't access Kijiji) From what I've read about this browser hi jacker, it borrows deeper over time and, as it invites partners to tag along, narrows the user's own choices. I'm not tech savvy, but compared to my mother, I'm Edward Snowden.


Any thoughts anyone? Thanks in advance.

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AdwCleaner or (JRT)Junkware removal tool will probably take care of that for you with little to no effort.

Delete all your shortcuts to the browsers and create new ones from the main exe.


Normally i would suggest contacting customer care for ESET members as it is free support.

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