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AV installation task failing

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A laptop that has been offline for a while has been reconnected through a VPN, I can see it on the ESMC but I think its lost the antivirus installation or it failed previously.
Attempting to install Antivirus fails , I've attached the logs I can manage to get. 

Policy has Use direct connection if proxy is not available 

ESET Management Agent    ESET, spol. s r.o.    8.0.1238.0    282    yes    8.0.1238.0 

Install Eset Antivirus
2021 Jan 14 10:50:34    Operating system    Failed    Task failed, try to install software manually.    SoftwareInstallation: Installation failed with: Fatal error during installation. Error code: 0x643 (0x643), , see software-install.log for more information located at: C:\Pr

Running the Log collector fails with
2021 Jan 14 11:30:40    Operating system    Failed    Task failed    boost::filesystem::file_size: The system cannot find the file specified: "C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\ra-diagnostic-logs.zip"


Previous Alerts
Your product is outdated     Your current security product version is soon going to lose functionality due to the Cross certification issue. Upgrade to version 7.3 or later by April 15, 2021 to continue receiving full protection and feature functionality. There is no cost to upgrade with an active license. See your options: https://support-backup.eset.com/en/end-of-life/  Security notification    Security product    Other    2020 Oct 4 16:51:47    Warning


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Wanted to avoid having them coming back to school but might be the only way. It hasn't occurred on any other machines so far.

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