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ESET PROTECT Components Upgrade Task - Agent Update OK, AV Not

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We're upgrading all AVs and SMC Agent but I have doubts on AV upgrade:

1. If I select to not "automatically reboot" is it expected to install the AV if the user eventually reboots the system? I'm asking because by experience, this doesn't seem to be working, wondering if there's something wrong in configuration.

2. If I select "automatic reboot" will the user be prompted and allowed to delay the reboot?

Jean M

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1, Endpoint will be installed, however, if you upgrade from an older version protection may not work until the machine is restarted by the user.

2, The user cannot delay the reboot. Therefore we recommend performing upgrade outside of work hours. Upgrades from v8 to future versions will be performed via uPCU, ie. a newer version will install after a computer restart. Until then the user will use the existing version.

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