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trying to update AV by Management Center

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I'm trying to update a client his AV to 8.* by SMC but so far unsuccessful his agent is running on 7.2.*
Did it a week ago on a other pc without any issue's.

Error I'm getting:

GetFile: Failed to process HTTP request (error code: 20014, url: 'hxxp://repository.eset.com/v1/com/eset/apps/business/eea/windows/v8/8.0.2028.0/eea_nt64.msi')

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I would recommend carrying on as follows:
- apply an agent policy that will enable trace logging in agent
- start capturing network communication With Wireshark on the client
- send a software install task to the client
- after the task has failed, stop logging with Wireshark and remove the agent policy
- collect logs with ESET Log Collector from the machine and supply it along with the compressed Wireshark log to your local ESET distributor for perusal. You can also drop me a personal message with a download link so that I can have a look into it myself.

Is the client behind a firewall or device/appliance that  performs http filtering? Does the client connect to the Internet directly or through a proxy? Are the agent proxy settings configured correctly?

Is also an ESET PROTECT cimponent upgrade task failing to upgrade agent to v8?

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