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ESET GPO silent agent deployment

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Not exactly sure I understood question correctly, but in case you would like to install AGENT using standalone MSI installer and INI configuration file used/generated for GPO deployment in console, it is expected to be used in silent mode. Such installation can be started from command line for example as:

msiexec /qn /i Agent_x64.msi 

where configuration INI file has to be placed in the same directory as is MSI installer.

In case standard GPO/SSCM or other third-party tools are used for deployment, you have to consult installation mode with manual of those tools, but silent installation should be standard, which is also supported by our installers.

Also note that also generated live installer (BAT script) can be easily modified in a way that installation will be completely silent, without progress indication, if this is the issue. The same applies for generated EXE all installers, where specific parameter is required to execute it silently.

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