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Clear an active detection from weekly generated report

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I have a weekly report I generate showing any active detections and problematic machines showing a critical/warning status.

When I spot any unresolved/active detections here it gives me a chance to clear up what I may have missed during the week. However I have one detection which will just not clear from the report even though it is 6 weeks old.

I believe the detection was found on an external device on this machine, and I believe it could not be cleaned possibly due to the USB being removed before the cleaning was complete. I believe that this external device has not been entered into this machine again so it has been impossible to re-scan that path. This is perhaps why this detection keeps showing up in the report.

Although I have ran multiple remote scans from the ESMC console, the report still keeps on showing this historical detection which is a pain as I have to not the exception every week in our company weekly security review. Please note that this detection is "resolved" in ESMC, there are no threats in the ESMC dashboard requiring action.


How can I clear this?

active detection.jpg

esmc dash.jpg

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