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ESET protect import self Signed cert for LDAPS

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Running latest ESET Protect Virtual Appliance 8.0

AD Sync stopped working. and getting the following error connecting to any DC

Failed to bind to the specified object (LDAP://dc/DC=.......,DC=local). Error code = 0x8007203a, The server is not operational. Error code: 0x8007203a

Our DC's have a Self signed certificate and in use with other LDAPS sources. Some devices we need to import our self signed Cert to CA Roots. or change the Certificate level checking to allow for self signed certs.

We are NOT going to install an manage a Certificate Authority in the domain just for ESET protect to work.

As per this https://help.eset.com/esmc_admin/72/en-US/sg_server_tasks_ad.html


how do we get this working and all LDAPS to use self signed certs/ with ESET Protect?

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