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MDC and APPLE IPAD Devices

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When setting up ESET PROTECT Mobile Device connector and only using IPAD only devices. 

1. Is it compatible with iPASOS 14.x ?   I saw online guide mention that "iPadOS 13 is not supported by ESET PROTECT MDM" but when you go to this site at the bottom >> https://help.eset.com/protect_install/80/en-US/operating_systems.html?mobile.html  but if you look at the list towards top of URL it says it is compatible. Very conflicting info on the same URL. 

2. To setup MDC for IPAD only devices do you need your own 3rd party PFX cert (Example from GO DADDY) for these devices to connect to EP MDC or can you go through normal setup process like you would do for Android per >>  https://support.eset.com/en/kb6368-eset-mobile-device-management-for-apple-ios-65-and-later


3. Can you use a Dynamic DNS name for this setup or it has to be domain you own? 




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  • ESET Staff


1. ESET PROTECT 8 was tested with iPadOS Beta 14 without any issues. I will contact our documentation team about issue in docs. One issue with Apple devices we discovered they don't work well with IP based setups, so only DNS hostnames are officially supported.


2. 3rd party (implicitly trusted and preinstalled within device certificate store) certificate is always prefered for both Apple and Android. Self-signed certificates generated in EP are essentially a historical leftover as nowdays everyone can generate DNS certificate for free from Let's encrypt and possibly other providers.

In explanation this is due to certificate exchange process where there is a risk of loosing device connectivity with self-signed certificates while there is lower risk with 3rd party (implicitly trusted) ones.

Choose Your poison.


3. DDNS is really about endpoint devices and if they can cache DNS records correctly (in case of DDNS just for few minutes). In world of IPv6 I see little use for this technology, but You probably have Your reason. We never verified functionality wrt DDNS with Apple/Android devices as these could behave differently based on version (and it's a lot of versions to verify). So essentially it should work, but Your mileage might differ.




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