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migration from licence administrator to business account


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Have just opened a business account and tried to add a licence. I enter the licence key and the next screen shows:

"License xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx is managed in ESET License Administrator. To be able to manage it in ESET Business Account it will need to be migrated and disabled in ESET License Administrator. Please enter your license owner password to verify your ownership and finish the migration to ESET Business Account."

I enter the correct 10 character password (checked and even copied and pasted), but it says it is invalid so i am unable to use the Business Account.

Is this a bug ?? Or should I remove the unit distribution in the Licence Administrator or even delete the Licence Administrator account ?


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  • ESET Staff

Hello @WillB by "License owner password", we mean not the password for your EBA account, where you have e-mail + user defined password, but instead the password that was provided to you upon license purchase in a separate e-mail. If you remove the license from ELA / delete ELA account, it should be possible to add such license in your ESET Business Account. 

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