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How to purge ESET SMC database ?

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  • ESET Staff

Could you please provide more details of what is not working as expected that you would like to make database cleanup? There is currently nothing like user purge -> all possible cleanups are made automatically. But maybe if you provide more details, at least some workaround might be found ...

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hi Martin,

Thanks for your reply.

ESMC tells that it have 450 computers in database. But we only have about 160 active computers on the network.

The différence (in Red in the displayed stats)  concerns the computers that do not try to connect because they do not exist anymore.

So my question was, is it possible to purge database to only see and manage real and active computers ?


Thank u,


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  • ESET Staff

In that case I would recommend to create so called "Delete Not Connecting Computers" server task, that will automate removal of devices that are not connecting for some time.

Please check documentation of this task for more details, it enables administrator to set various removal parameters.

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