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Emails not downloading on Thunderbird

Rolf Wagner

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Today, Dec. 28th, our emails were not downloading from 3:17PM. We called Go Daddy and they said they tested and  emails were working. He sent an email and it came through. I sent an email to my husband's Thunderbird email and it took 5 minutes to appear.  What is going on? Do I need to update ESET or what? Not sure why there was a gap on the emails from 3:17PM till the Go Daddy person sent a test email at 7:27PM. 

We need an answer and help.

Thank you,

Rolf W Wagner

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If it was an issue with ESET, emails would not download at all. You can try temporarily disabling protocol filtering in the advanced setup. If it doesn't make any difference then the issue is very likely caused by something else than ESET.

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