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How to set DateTime format for ESMC ?

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How to set DateTime format for information displayed in ESMC ?

The current format is like this: 2020 gru 22 15:23:58.

I want to change it to 2020-12-22 15:23:58, which is more readable for me and meets Polish standard date format.



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While FCS has requested the change because it meets the Polish standard I would also like the DateTime format changed for a much more basic reason.


When you export a report in CSV Format it appears as “24/11/2020  18:25:00”  This at least is recognisable as a date format for sorting purposes.   If you went with the YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS [2020 11 24 18:25:00] (month number “00”) format then if you copied and pasted the contents of an on screen report directly into excel the Date Column would be sortable even if it come in as a text field.


Regards Heber

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