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IP address found on cloud blacklist 1

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One of our customers had issues with mail delivery. Their e-mails couldn't be delivered to certain companies that are using ESET antivirus. The reason why the e-mails were rejected:
IP(x.x.x.x) found on cloud black list 1.
The IP address that has been blacklisted is the address of one of our shared hosting servers.
Could you please share a link where we can check if our IP address is blacklisted and how we can be de-listed?

Kind Regards,

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You can report the FP as per https://support.eset.com/en/kb141 (Report spam or spam false positives):

Email incorrectly marked as spam: If you received an email message that was classified as spam by your ESET product, but you do not recognize it as spam, send an email to nospam[at]eset.com with the original message as an attachment in .eml or .msg format.

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