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License number overuse


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We are long term users of Eset, however over the past 2 years we have been experiencing problems with the number of licenses we appear to be using. We previously had 8 licenses under the one license key, but as several of them had outdated operating systems (and left that way because of the software that is irreplaceable) we removed them at renewal. The mobiles are now on their own keys.

We now have license for 3 products - 1 x desktop - windows 7, 1 x windows 10 laptop, and 1 x windows 7 laptop. I have today deactivated 24 of 26 license uses - all of them different names and just left the 3 we own. In the past 2 years we have repeatedly received emails voicing this same problem and have had to take this action each time.  Does anyone have any ideas as to how and why this might be suddenly happening, and maybe a fixit.  

License  ID  33B-B9P-RVB

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The license 33B-B9P-RVB is for ESET Internet Security for 3 devices / seats.  Currently I don't see any issue with overuse; should you see devices in the license manager that you don't recognize, the license issuer can reset the license key so that it can't be used for activation and you'd receive a new one.

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Hi Marcos

We purchased our our original license directly from the Eset website 20 years or so ago and have just upgraded/ renewed as our computer numbers have changed over the years. 

So this morning there are 7 logins -

Mine are  -   123woopsadaysey, Ruth Street, and Peters PC. The others - see screenshot - have appeared regularly before, but we don't know what machines they refer to. Any ideas other than we now contact eset site direct to take your suggested action. 

Screenshot_2020-12-18 myESET.png

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