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Nasty bug on Eset Mobile Security - Ringtone is actually silent if "Call Filter" is enabled

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When using "Eset Mobile Security", at least for version (currently the latest) on Android 11, on Samsung S20 - if the feature of "Call Filter" is enabled - incoming calls will make no sound, as if the phone was set to "Silent", even if if all the other phone settings are set to make you hear a sound (a valid ringtone sound file was selected, the sound volume is high enough, "do not disturb" is disabled and so on).

Disabling this feature make the ringtone heard again for incoming calls.

You know how many hours I needed to burn to find this?! how many apps I needed to uninstall and re-install until I found it was YOUR product??!!!

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Omg. I spent hours too trying to figure it out. I was || that close to doing a factory reset and install apps 1 by 1.

Thank you Eitanc.


ESET fix the bug please.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 5G Android 11 OneUI 3.0



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