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Some clients not taking policy changes from ERA


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I have configured some policy groups on ERA and I have noticed that some of the clients in the group aren't receiving policy update changes.  Any idea of what might be the issue?

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If they aren't checking into ERA properly, the policy won't be applied.

In addition if you pushed out a config different than the policy you are applying, sometimes I have noticed the local settings will revert even after a policy update.


Could you be more specific as to which settings are not changing / or updating ??

Any scheduler settings etc ?

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  • ESET Staff

so are they receiving "Some" of the changes in the policy or NONE at all?

Do you see that the policy is being applied in the client list in ERA?

How are you applying the policy, manually assigned or associated with a group ? ( if you use the filters ot view the groups contents do you see those machines in the list? )

What version of ERAS and ERAC are you using please?

What OS version are the clients and ARE the clients all running the same version of ESET, it could be that some clients are V4 and some are V5? (different sections in ERA configuration editor)

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