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Does NOD32 detect Adrozek?

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I have a Mac and have recently seen the ads getting injected in my Google searches. This has started since 10 days or so. I have eset nod32 with real time protection enabled and still this happened. Am wondering if Adrozek or some variant of it has sneaked onto my system.



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On 12/12/2020 at 2:32 AM, Chelopher said:

Hi Marcos,

I was wondering the same, how did you relate hash 0eac99e0dd18eeba2b4609955086a1dc8fb913431b4303e76bc793bd62244b20 to this Adrozek MS detection?

Each company has a detection name for the threat , and each of them might name it differently , but I can see with another companies it's called Adrozek with ESET , it's called different

And about the Hash , should be one of the variants of Adrozek if there are another variants of it.

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