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Linux machines and a Mac reporting not Eset running.


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Hey all...

So I have 3 Linux machines and a Mac that have fresh installs of Eset EP AV, they always show the below  errors on the Protect Cloud admin panel

I have email them and asked them to do a couple commands to see if eset is at all running

ps -auwx|grep -i eset


grep - eset /var/log/syslog

WHile I am waiting on a response from them, any suggestions?

Thanks and have a great day!






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So just realized they are all 16.04 and its not supported, sadly.

They will try to update to 18 in the coming weeks.

That leaves the Mac...

Any suggestions...??




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  • ESET Staff

I think that problem is that version 6.6 of macOS ESET product is not supported on macOS 11.0 (Big Sur, reported as 10.16 by older management agents) - there should be multiple KB articles regarding this, and probably only version 6.10 is capable of running on such system.

Or version as reported by management agent and visible on previous screenshot is not correct?

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