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cannot connect to free wifi network

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on eset it is impossible to connect to the free wifi network and even by disabling in network configuration the fire it is impossible to access this link: https: //wifi.free.fr/? url = http: // www .msftconnecttest.com /

redirect to connect to the public network.

it is perhaps a parameter that I have activated in eset internet security.

Thank you for your reply in advance.

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eset blocks all the flow that passes.

In fact the free wifi network (which is a French operator) allows its users to connect to a public network of a freebox (therefore the network is not secure because the user of the freebox can see all the flow that circulates there on its box)

see picture 1 

best explication:  https://free.fr/assistance/2303.html

Another error that I encountered on internet security when a network is BLOCKED and that we try to see in the protection of the network then in the troubleshooting help: it bugs VERY often when we try to modify the time slot: 5 min or 10 or 15.

see picture 2 :

eset is in french !

Thank you


Picture 1 :


picture 2 :


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Appears Freebox for all practical purpose is an ADSL gateway/router that allows for connection to France's free public Wi-Fi service. Assumed is it connects to the closest Wi-Fi hotspot available. In other words what we have is the WAN side of Freebox gateway  connecting to the public Wi-Fi servers, but the LAN side of the gateway functioning as a normal router assigning internal local subnet addresses, etc..

I believe Eset when it detects a public Wi-Fi connection will try to set up a "Public" network connection. Note that when Eset sets up a Public network connection, no internal network IP addresses are trusted except for the IP address assigned to the device itself.

Rather than recommending inadvertently an insecure Eset network configuration, I suggest you open a technical support request:  https://www.eset.com/int/support/contact/  . Since this free public Wi-Fi use appears wide spread in France, Eset support in France should be familiar with the best way to configure your Eset installation for maximum security and usability.

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I wanted to discharge because it would surely serve others. I no longer use this network. But 4 months ago he served me for some recovery. I have desinstallese este to succeed to connect. A little ambetant : (

I almost changed antivirus but eset is the best.  suddenly I have 2 : )

on the other hand for the problem of bug on the interface when eset blocks a network


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