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Eset File Security on terminal server, Outlook does not see an antivirus program

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A few days ago I had already described the problem under "Endpoint Products" (wrong) because I get wrong information myself.
During RDS sessions Outlook / an add-in always gives a warning message like "A program is trying to access on data in Outlook or e-mail address information stored in Outlook. ... Allow access for 1 ... 10 minutes."
The AntiVirus status in the Trust Center is not valid
"Not available.  This version of Windows does not support virus detection."
(The translation may be not exact)
How to tell Outlook that Eset Antivirus is installed?
We don't want to turn off the warnings generally via GPO or something like that.

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This is to be expected as server os does not include security center which outlook rely on to tell if there is an AV or not.

You can change Outlook behavior by GPO:


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