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Issues with Full Disk Encryption management via ECA


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This is specifically in regards to the ESET FDE that is managed via ESET Cloud Administrator, not ESET Endpoint Encryption (formerly DESLock). I put the thread here since the encryption forum is specifically for EEE (which we also use, for non-UEFI devices only).

I have two issues with it and have previously put in tickets with no resolution. Not sure why no one is responding to our tickets anymore.

#1 problem is that under my account I cannot generate recovery passwords for end users. I have full rights to everything and can encrypt, decrypt, and change policies on workstations no problem. But the recovery password option is greyed-out in the menu. I put in a ticket a few months ago and was told it was a bug, and a known issue. But it has not been fixed since then. Our workaround for the time being is to use the admin account but this requires our IT Director to log in and generate the code...not optimal to say the least.

#2 problem is much more pressing and recent. Occasionally when viewing details of encrypted laptops they will not show up as encrypted in the ECA. It will just show a window with 'learn more' at the bottom (see attachment). The bizarre thing is that this is intermittent and I've actually seen it revert to the correct version (the manage FDE window) after refreshing enough times. However today we urgently needed to recover a password and no amount of refreshing caused it to come up with the manage FDE window in order to generate a password.

I understand there is a major update coming to ECA on December 9 which will hopefully resolve these issues but these have been major problems for us for a while now.


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  • Former ESET Employees

Hello @GPennarun,

Sorry to hear that your tickets are not being responded to, may I ask where you are submitting them? 

In regards to your issues, the ECA issue does indeed sound like a permission problem, I'm afraid I am only familiar with EFDE, so it is difficult for me to assist you with issues in ECA itself.

Unfortunately I do not know why the machines are not showing as encrypted in the server. However, I may be able to suggest another way to obtain the recovery password for your machines. 

Please try to obtain the recovery information via this method.

If you click Help along the banner and select Encryption Recovery as shown on screenshot below.


Once the windows opens, you will be prompted to enter Workstation ID, please fill this field in and continue.


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  • ESET Staff

Hi @GPennarun,

I am sorry that your tickets are not responded to. Please could you provide us with the ticket number? I will in turn check what happened to it.

Especially for #2 , I would like to get more details on this problem and to see what is the cause! 

Best regards,

Ervin Rendek, PM

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  • ESET Staff

Also, per my check with the relevant PM for ESET Cloud Administrator, this (number 2) issue should be fixed in the upcoming release, that will happen on December 9. 

Internal reference P_ESMC-23019

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