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Little Snitch together with ESET Cyber Security Pro

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I would like to investigate the use of Little Snitch, but before doing so I am interesting in learning about possible counter indications.

Anyone who can comment on this?

Has someone used both together successfully?

Is there a good reason not to do it? Will it cause problems with ESET?


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I got the reply from ESET support that no incompatibility or any other issue has been reported so far.

I installed Little Snitch 4.6 on Catalina in the meantime, together with ESET Cyber Security Pro 6.10.460.1. Runs smoothly. Little Snitch triggers just before ESET, which is great because it gives me complementary information I can use in my decisions (I use ESET firewall in interactive mode)

Sure, from resources point of view it may seem overkill. And Little Snitch takes up more RAM than ESET, but I find it worth it.

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