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Picture gallery of ESET robot/android - CD/DVD Cover for ESET SysRescue (Live) - ESET Wallpaper


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No I have to say sorry. I used a non-accurately word - "cover". So which word could be better?

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Over 1000 views. :o  WOW!


Thanks to all who liked this fan meeting here! :D

Thanks that you liked my creations and the ESET robot!

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Now an update after a quite long time...


As a fan of ESET (and/or the ESET android) you maybe also want to find the current ESET logo. And because you can nearly find it everywhere, I'll give you not only a link to any logo, but to a high-quality ESET logo.


resolution: 3594 x 1406 pixel (that is even more than Full HD)

file size: 101 kB

file type: PNG with transparent background

license: © ESET, All rights reserved

source: German ESET website


Preview (not the full size, use the download link below):




(and click on the green button or direct download)


Info: Please be aware that it is licensed by ESET, but I'm quite sure that you are allowed to print it and pin it as a poster at the wall of your own room. ;)

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Because this topic has recently stridden 2000 views a small addition:


ESET Germany seems to like high-quality pictures. ;)

They published the picture of the box of ESS 8 and NOD32 8 in a very high resolution. Great! :)


I will keep you informed if I find the English versions of these boxes in such a high resolution.


Edit: There is also a picture of the box of ECSP, but unfortunately it is not available in such a high resolution.

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After a quite long time I updated my ESET theme again. It contains now 52 wallpapers!

Including this one:
(download link)

But this is a "special one"! ;)
It was created by ESET, because ESET has won the performance test from AV-comparatives (october 2014)!
If you'd like to get more information have a look at this topic: ESET Smart Security 8 wins Performance Test of AV Comparatives!

the Windows theme or single wallpapers


Edit: Changed Mega download link to new site used.

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There is a funny promotion from ESET UK running currently, where you can win some ESET licenses when you put ESET Andy in your favourite game and submit it to ESET.
To do this ESET offered very nice pictures of the ESET robot/android. They are all in a high resolution and have a transparent background. (You can get about 12 PNG pictures.)
alternative download link (ZIP)


Edit: Changed alternative download link, because the old hoster added PUA to their site, which was detected by ESET.

Edit2: Changed Mega download link to new site used.

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And again a small update... now in 2015.


At first I tested my theme file with a Technical Preview of Windows 10 and so I highly assume that it works with Windows 8/8.1 too.

There I also discovered that ESET has a Windows 8.1 app for WeLiveSecurity. I think this is a nice thing... :)
The app is shown at the right in my screenshot.


Additionally I changed some things in the CD/DVD covers of ESET SysRescue. For example I added some "ready to print"-files which are PPT(X) files which doesn't need to be edited before printing.

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And there is even another thing I discovered: In the press center of the international ESET site you can find some nice pictures and other information too.

So here a small overview about what you can find:

  • ESET logos in different styles
  • Screenshots of many ESET products
  • and more like photos and videos

Go to site

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Hi gurk some addup here with my work, 


I have worked up some ESET art design that might can be used for some seller or some fans that find it hard to look the ESET Product box that satisfy their needs in in RAR. It contain, EAV, ESS, ECS, ECSP, EMS, EAV4, EMDSP:


*Please acknowledge that this link will bring you to the ads pages, and needed to wait for a while before clicking next.



Eset Multi-Device : hxxp://adf.ly/xYUUa

ESET Cyber Security Pro : hxxp://adf.ly/xYbhj

ESET Cyber Security : hxxp://adf.ly/xYc6X

ESET Smart Security : hxxp://adf.ly/xYcXM

ESET NOD32 Antivirus : hxxp://adf.ly/xYdMj

ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4 Linux : hxxp://adf.ly/xYdcF

ESET Mobile Security : hxxp://adf.ly/xYuFI


Why in PSD? I think that maybe people with extra idea might can edit and addup it for better design in future, and maybe in future who knows Maybe will used our design for next version  :D



Both Transparent and normal art:


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