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Did the splash screen change?

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I just installed NOD32 and upon its initial startup, I saw the old green splash screen similar to the one in version 3...at first, I was shocked I thought I installed an old version or so


then I rebooted again and saw the same greenish splash screen, felt good, back to the old days.... the previous robot only splash screen has been changed back to the retro splash screen.


is it just me who noticed this? Glad ESET is bringing back the original splash screen. Hope they bring back the lightness that NOD32 v2 once had :)

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The latest version 7.0.317 has a slightly different splash screen although I'm not sure if it's really same as it was in v3.

As for the lightness, v2 had many limitations while scanning files and didn't take advantage of new techniques needed to protect against the huge volume of malware nowadays. V7 is very light thanks to Smart optimization and LiveGrid. If you're experiencing a performance issue, we'd be happy to assist you with troubleshooting it.

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Thanks dear Marcos. Not really a big problem, just not light as v2 but that makes sense since it has more protection components. I do feel that the last update actually made things better and NDO32 actually scored better performance wise in the latest AV Test:  AV-TEST


I like the new splash screen :)



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