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No Firewall protection and latest version failing to install...

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Can someone please let me know what's going on with your guys software? As of Big Sur I no longer have Firewall protection. I have read other threads which suggest that things should be up and running in a month (that was beginning of November). Also I have tried to install the latest software but if keeps failing. Doesn't matter whether I use the package updater within the app or if I download the dmg, it's the same result.

I realise things are still being worked on for Big Sur, but come on guys, this is really getting to be a joke. Very seriously considering moving elsewhere for my security needs after 5 or 6 yrs with you guys... 

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For information about the latest development on Big Sur compatibility, please read the news on top of this forum:


The move from kernel to system extensions in Big Sur has been a challenge for antivirus vendors. We have released a version that brought real-time and web/email protection system extensions compatible with Big Sur, with further versions bringing firewall and Device Control to come soon:


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